Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home at last

I didn't like having Phoenix at the bottom of the hill, it was going to make logistics to difficult and caused a tight squeeze on the driveway. So today I hooked up the trusty old F250, put it in 4 wheel drive low range and motored on up the hill. No slippage but the turn at the top is too tight. I'll need to get some landscape work done before Phoenix ever leaves her hill top perch.

A very sharp turn just past the tree on the left.

 The only problem is dual trailer wheels tear up turf when in sharp turns.

Monday, May 27, 2013

60mph to windward!

A 6am departure from Rock Hall MD on Memorial weekend Sunday was a good call, and I think the cool NE weather helped keep traffic light. Once Phoenix was hooked up I drove to Rt 301 and before getting on the hwy made my first of several routine equipment checks. They go somewhat like this..
  1. grab the non-contact infrared thermometer
  2. measure inner, middle, outer tread temperature on each truck and trailer tire
  3. measure the center, wheel bearing temperature.
  4. check the hitch and safety chains 
  5. check tension on boat straps 
  6. check mast position and supports, from ground level.
  7. reload on coffee
  8. done!
It was on about the third stop, IIRC we were at a Connecticut rest stop when the excitement, red angry moment came and found something else that needed checking. The rear two and middle two side supports were loose and Phoenix had a slight but noticeable lean to port! WHAT THE F! The marina guys had not tightened the supports and only the fact that I had two straps over the top and the forward supports were already in the full down position kept a disaster from happening. I didn't have a wrench large enough to tighten things up but I had a bar type clamp the did the job. After several minutes things were all straight and snug again.

My Ford F250 long bed crew cab did a fantastic job as a tow vehicle. And the 7.3L diesel had plenty of power and by keeping the speed in the 50-60mph range and not charging up hills it managed 12mpg! Not too shabby I think when towing about 10k lbs and have the bed and interior full.  I wouldn't hesitate to pull Phoenix short or long distance should the need arise.
Rest stop on the Mass Turnpike.

Her new home, until things dry out and she moves to the top of the hill. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

D-Day minus one...

Finally after a couple weeks delay Phoenix is on her trailer ready to roll!!! I drove over to Rock Hall at the crack of dawn this morning to beat any Memorial Day beach traffic. The Bay bridge can back up something nasty on Saturday mornings but this early it was a breeze. I did need to secure the rigging and retie the mast back. Looks like the yard workers got tired yesterday evening and a bit sloppy. Then check/filled the trailer tires, check adjust the truck airbags, check fill truck engine and transmission etc and I think I'm ready for the 700+miles to come tomorrow.