Hi, my name is Edward and I got the sailing bug while in the USN. A friend took me out on a twenty something long big Hobie Cat. We proceeded across Escambia Bay flying a hull most of the way. Then after too long at a beach bar we headed back to the base and managed to cartwheel the cat. We were flying a hull, maybe 30 degrees, then the lower hull dug in to the water and over we went. Great fun!!

Since then I've sailed everything from a Hobie 16 to a 50ft 20ton steel motor sailor. For many years I've liked the lines of the Alberg designs like the Pearson Triton and Pearson Vanguard.  But I also really like the Westsail 32 and have come close to buying one several times. I was actually looking for a Westsail when I found Phoenix. She was only weeks away from the dumpster and lead recycler. My plan is to get her on the water again, initially as a day sailor but then upgraded for ocean work.

I have a wonderful supportive wife who tolerates/supports my sailboat habit. In fact she never complained as we lived aboard and cruised for about 6 years.

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  1. Look forward to following your progress. I think you chose a great boat for such an adventure. Small yet sturdy. While she needs a bit of work to be as offshore capable as a Westsail, in the end you have a easier to handle boat. I am working on Alberg 30 with near the same intentions. Good Luck

    A30 #457