Friday, June 30, 2017

Vlog of my SS1000 Iron Butt Ride

I put together a short video of my ride over on YouTube. My absolute favorite section was the dawn. I really do love riding early, early morning and seeing the sun rise and on this morning it was beautiful, which the camera can't fully capture.
Another note I forgot on the video, Mt Katahdin is the norther end of the Katahdin Trail. Looks like those hikers could get a grand vista finish reward!
Summer Solstice Iron Butt SS1000 in Maine

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Wayfarer is no more....

My Southern Fleet is gone. Ray sold the Wayfarer for a tidy profit so I'm not complaining. Actually it's a great thing when you can flip a boat/car/MC and actually be a few shekels ahead!  Also the boat sold locally and the good news is it's staying at Lake Eustis Sailing Club expanding the Wayfarer racing fleet. 

Well half the fun is searching and buying the next boat.

Friday, June 23, 2017

IronButt Saddle Sore 1000 completed.

A nice sense of satisfaction. After hours and hours of repairs and upgrades to my 1981 BMW R100RT I made the Summer Solstice ride. It was an IronButt Association Saddle Sore 1000 miles in less then 24hours, done on the Sumer Solstice and in a Single State(Maine).
Home again, FINISHED 8:33PM

Start at 2:16am Belfast Maine Circle K about 13 miles from home.

Finished at 8:05PM about 18miles from home.

I departed my home about 01:50 and returned at 20:33 on June 21,2017 after 1022 miles of official SaddleSore 1000 riding. Then add in about 31 miles to/from my official start and finish made for a long day!

First my strategy of starting time based on my biphasic sleep cycle, i.e. about 4hrs of sleep get up and go. I've discovered that when I do this I can have the following awake period, about 20hrs in this case, of No sleepiness. This contrast to just getting up an couple hours early or trying to shift my bedtime. But boy do I sleep hard when I finally hit the sack 😻

Next adding a 4 gallon Aux tank to my beefed up rear rack worked like a charm. When riding very early morning in norther Maine gassing up can be dicey. But really the freedom when you have well over 350miles in range is wonderful. I could make my fuel stops quick and my rest stops restful. I usually only added 2 to 3 gallons to the aux tank, then I'd burn the aux tank out before switching to that wonderfully big 6.3gallon main. Even so my longest refuel period was 320miles from Caribou to Kennebunk. Also IronButt requires Business Dated Receipts no greater then 350miles.
Added two 90deg angle aluminum verticals and a cross from the luggage racks to add support to the basic trail rack that is attached to the seat cowling.

I used the same angle aluminum to locate the tank and a ratchet strap to secure the tank.

I also added a piece of ply wood to give the tank full support under. And the extra support for the rack is easily removed with two bolts. 

Finally the R100RT is a great long distance runner. With the windshield at its lowest I can see clearly over it and have enough wind to keep my face shield rain free. Then add that great RT fairing design and a quite calm pocket and this machine is made to cruise. Granted this old girl can't compare to my last Goldwing GL1800 with it's turbine like motor and power this and that, I still would rate this RT about 90 on a 100 scale where the GL is 100.

Funny thing, I spend several hours wiring up my old AutoCom wired intercom w/audio input. I really wanted to have my Podcasts. I'd saved 4-5hours of my favorites plus many hours of my 60-70 era music. But I did not turn it on once.

But I'm not a full on luddite so I did have an IPad2 running tracking SW which then is used for IronButt validation. But is was just stuck in the tank bag and forgotten. Here is the track, BMWSailor I also used a Garmin eTrex 20 GPS for mileage and found out my odometer reads about 1% low! Every other Car/Bike I've ever seen has read high. But the Speedometer is spot on, not the usual 5-10% over that I've seen.

So after such a great result I'm already thinking ahead to the Fall Equinox 😼 But now it time for some quality wife time, she has been hugely supportive and never complained about the many, many hours and dollars spent on and with this Green Machine