Thursday, January 10, 2013

Transporting Phoenix, step 1.....

Buy a 12,000Lb GVWR Tandem trailer from a reputable builder. I checked with four different builders, one in Maine, two in Maryland and one in Georgia.  

No response from the 2 Maryland builders. The Maine builder was something else. After several e-mails to the Maine builder trying to get a spec and not a generic picture of some trailer they built in the past. I finally sent the GA spec(minus price and builder name) to the Maine builder as an example of what I expect when spending 5 grand.  I got this message in reply:

"Nice picture of # 1 We offer our trailer over built, and custom to each boat.  To copy someone else's design will take much more time and something my fab guys wont do. What in our design is not as you want?  If the trailer shown is what you want why not order that one?
Michael Chasse'
20 Spinnaker Run                                    
Freeport Maine"

I don't what to deal with someone who won't/can't write a simple spec sheet so I gave up trying to buy local and keeping money in Maine and contracted with Sail Trailers of Georgia. Since we're wintering in Florida it is really no big deal logistically which builder I selected, and since Sail Trailers built a trailer for James Baldwin's Atom, I feel they are probably a safe choice.

Here is the spec and a picture of Triton Atom on a trailer built by Sail Trailers. Their contact info is 6920 Macon Road, Columbus, GA 31907 (706)888-6722 or e-mail to

Specification List for 12,000LB GVWR Tandem Trailer $5510

7” Structural Channel Main Beams
4” Structural Channel Cross Beams (Rudder Cross Beam to have Removeable Section)
7” Structural Channel Spine with 2” x 10” Wood on top
2” Structural Square Tube for Risers
6) Riser Pads w/1¼” Solid Threaded Rod for Adjustable Pads
1) Bow Riser with Adjustable ‘V’ Stop
2) Dexter 6000lb 4” Drop Axles (electric brakes on both axles)
3000lb 5Leaf eye- eye Springs
21,000lb GVWR Coupler for 2 5/16” Ball & class IV Safety Chains w/Hooks
16” LRE trailer tires with 865 lug Pattern  w/mounted Spare
Keel Guides
Reverse Dovetail
Swing up Wheel Jack or Drop Leg Jack
Standard Incandescent Light Pkg
24’ “Super Extension” w/mini axle
Standard Painted finish is Industrial Modified Alkyd Enamel
(In you choice of Color)

The differences from Atom's trailer are a reverse Dovetail and my color choice is a bright Orange for high visibility.
Here is a picture of the reverse Dovetail. 
I added this feature since our driveway has some steep departure angles. And this is a picture of the 24ft "Super Extension" w/Mini Axle. 

The next step is equipping our F250 to tow the approximately 10,000Lb combined trailer/boat weight. Fortunately our truck is equipped with a factory Class V hitch rated at 12,500Lb WD and 6,000Lb Carry. So a new Weight Distributing Hitch and electric brake controller and I'm good to go!

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