Sunday, June 2, 2013

Aux prower!

Poor old Phoenix was abandoned and her trusty old Atomic 4 was heisted, so what should I do about aux power? I considered and rejected Electric(Torqueedo) and a new outboard( Tohatsu 6hp Sailpro ) but choose instead…..drum roll please…..A 1957 Evinrude Sporttwin 10hp 2-cycle outboard. I scored this classic motor in Annapolis off craigslist for a whopping $75. Heck the sporty outboard bracket that I got from Bacon's Marine cost that much:)

Classic lines:)

Note the manual choke, low speed idle mixture and high speed idle mixture!

Cool clam shell cover!
I started the rejuvenation of the Sportwin. That will basically be a carb rebuild, new points, condensers, coils, plus and plug wires. Also cleaning and lubrication as needed. 


  1. I love the classic motor! I have seen some similar on craigslist around home. They really are cool to look at. If I knew a little more about working on them I would do the same.

  2. Hello Clint, thanks for stopping by. I would suggest that you dive right in and just pick up an old cheap motor and start learning. If you were close by I'd be happy to give some instruction:) I started working on cars when I was young because I had no money, now I continue because in my experience ,sadly, most mechanics are hacks. So learning the basics of how an ICE operates will save much frustration and money over time.