Saturday, September 7, 2013

Score details....

Here was my score from the 1964 Triton headed to recycler heaven.
  • Main Sail
  • Main sail cover.
  • Jib Sail
  • Genoa Sail
  • Bow Pulpit SS tubing
  • Large flat winch handle (2)
  • Small flat winch handle (1)
  • Main Hatch boards (3)
  • Opening ports (2)
  • Insert for the anchor chain pipe on the bow.
  • Wood pole for jib/jenny
  • Cockpit awing for use at anchor. But it's been chewed somewhat by rodents, so it may be just a pattern. 
  • Bronze 5inch cleats (2)
  • Tiller w/bronze attachment.
  • Couple SS trim pieces that cover the Hull/Deck joint.
The wood hatch boards and the wood reaching pole both have serious cases of black mildew, so today I'm  cleaning up one of the hatch boards. First I used a heat gun and scraper to get the old varnish off then TSP/Bleach/Water treatment.
I had thought about buying the remaining 4 opening ports and cleats for my Tiki build but then catamarans are very weight sensitive and those beautiful bronze parts are pretty heavy for what they are.

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