Friday, May 15, 2015

My Siren 17 getting some love:)

We plan to take the Siren 17 out lake sailing Sunday so today I decided to fix a main sheeting issue that drove me crazy last year. The old block at the cam cleat was corroded and wouldn't move inline with the sheet.
This is the main sheet overview, here is a closeup of the problem. The toggle point, just below the where the line goes thru the block, is seized up hard!
The line rubs against the shoulders of the block, not only here but on the double block on the boom. Also the trail end is tied to a pad loop and crosses over the sheet where it exits the block.

Then when tacking to port a real tangle occurs. I had a couple blocks on hand so after drilling out and manhandling the old block things looked much better.
IIRC a Harken Air Carbo 40mm Swivel
Next I got at the boom end block, turned out it was missing a toggle so the lines again were rubbing on the shoulders of the block.

Not a real good pic but the lines are rubbing. The problem is a missing toggle where the block and carabiner clip.  I didn't have a toggle to fit so I'm using the block off Phoenix until I need it back on the Triton.

Now I have a smooth running main sheet, yeah!  But not done, after supporting a Triathlon tomorrow I'll get back to work hope to get a tiller extension and tiller tamer installed, a real outhaul, reefing point, Cunningham and a symmetrical spinnaker(200sqft off a Flying Scott)! With that and a new Main and Genny sail this boat might actually sail have way decent:)

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