Sunday, January 29, 2017

Half a boat this time.

The guy, Ray, that I crew for on a Flying Scot and I bought a rough 1974 Wayfarer 16'. The idea is to fix it up and then flip it, but also so I can get some helm time during off FS race weekends. 

While it's a pretty ugly boat with a sloppy amateur paint job pealing away, it is solid and set up for racing.  Even so, some old hardware, most of the control lines and sails need replacing. 

After a few hours of fixing we floated her and ran in 3 races. I crewed on two and helmed the last, which to my ego stroke we were closest to the fleet and not last :) But really it was just learning the boat. 

Then Saturday I raced her solo.  Wow was I busy and still found another list of "fixes". First was storage of the whisker and spinnaker poles, twice while climbing to windward after a tack I slipped on those poles and hurt delicate body parts.  But it was a good first day out, wind was gusty from flat to hiked out burying the rail and with only a couple tel-tales on the jib to help the wind was also swinging through about 30degs while slowly backing N to NW over a 3 hour period. 

I'm hoping to find some low hour 2nd sails during the Wayfarer Mid-Winters Championship Regatta this coming weekend. If not, I'll bite the bullet and buy some new sails. I'll never know how good I can be with old bedsheets, New or very new sails are a must otherwise "my old sails" are the built in failure excuse. 

Now here is how a somewhat serious racing Wayfarer is rigged. 

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