Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Trailer issue and Fix

SailTrailers had the tire carrier back and looking good. I think with that lower braces and the top hat there should be no future problems with the carrier.

After installing the carrier I decided to walk around and give the trailer a hard look over. I examine all the welds, check the wiring, and checked fasteners. The only obvious issues were that both rear tail lights the wires were crimped between the frame and the light housing. On removing the housings, sure enough, the brown wire on the left had the cover cut through showing the wire. And the other wires were worn so that I'm sure that they would have shorted to the frame in a few hundred miles.

I separated the wires and then used electrical tape to cover the damaged areas. Then I rerouted them so no more crimping. I didn't have time to actually check that they still work, but the wiring is simple enough to troubleshoot should I need to.

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