Friday, December 20, 2013

End Of Season

I build a boat cover framework out of 2"x2" pine lumber then covered with 3 or 4 large blue tarps. I have no idea if this will survive the winter but the first big snow, about 5inches, had no accumulation on the cover. So off to a good start. 

But before the basement got too cold I did clean up all the wood from the cockpit that I removed. The cockpit coaming were in pretty rough shape, but some sanding, epoxy and varnish and they are pretty again. I also put the lazarette cover in clamps to straighten it out. I don't have a steamer but I wetted it then clamped and epoxied, so hoping it keeps flat after 4 months in clamps. 

Here's hoping everyone has a great winter season, and hoping for an early snow melt:) The Winter solstice is tomorrow, then longer days YEAH!!!!

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