Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another year of little work:(

This was not a boating year and now the season is basically over:( We got back to Maine in April. But then we’ve had several trips south and to the midwest. Next I was building a Sunroom on the house and a dozen other “home” projects. So here we are end of season and Phoenix was seriously neglected all year.

I wish I could say this 15-18 inches of snow on Nov 2nd was a “freak” but in 2011 we had a 15 inch snow on Oct 30th! The first snow over an inch is our cue it’s time to prepare to bug out.

But on a positive note I did get some lake sailing in on my latest addition to the fleet, a 1985 Siren 17 “Spray”.

This is what occupied much free time.

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