Thursday, August 11, 2016

Luger Leeward Rebuild part 1

I spent a few hours with an old but sharpened wood chisel and a cheap dead blow hammer and began attacking the loose hull stiffeners. I learned quick enough to wear gloves as the fiberglass edges are knife sharp and pointed. I suppose I'm a slow learner since I been cutting myself with fiberglass scraps for a few decades.

Another interesting find in the paperwork folder was the original invoice for the boat($799.20), trailer kit($155.70) and other items to build and go sailing for a grand total of $1116 in 1969 dollars. Of course the investor side of me immediately checked the devaluation, aka inflation, since 1969 to 2016, so you would need $6662 today. Yes you can thank the Federal Reserve and congress.

Anyway back to boat work. The biggest problem so far seems to be where the bow was never competed when a tree fall caused damaged. I think the topsides and transom were "off" a bit because I have a gap between the deck and the topsides bow when they are pulled together.
Back in the paperwork folder I found the this  two page ad in the Luger catalogue for the Leeward. It show a 400lb ready to sail weight, but on sailboatdata they show 650lbs. My guess is that from 1962 - 1969 the Leeward used plain steel plate for the centerboard and rudder blade. My boat came with a very warped steel CB which probably weighed about 45lbs, I did not weigh it but picked it up once. I have the steel rudder blade and cast aluminum rudder head which weighs in at about 25lbs. In 1970 it appears they changed to (cheaper) marine plywood for the CB and rudder but that difference alone certainly doesn't account for the 150lb difference. Maybe Luger had one of those special dieters light weight scales back then. :)  

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  1. I built a 1969 Leeward with my dad. Where was this boat from?