Sunday, August 28, 2016

The part I hate the most in boat building, GRINDING

With the Luger slung from the overhead to allow the hull shape to return to normal it was time for strengthening/stiffening the hull. First step is to tent and set up a dust containment/collection system. A simple box fan with furnace filter, shop-vac, and plastic did a pretty decent job keeping dust in check. But eventually common sense(my wife's) got me to lower the boat and move outside to finish up the grinding. 

My major mistake was not putting on a Tyvek suit anyway.  My arms were itching so much I had to stop after only on side and take a shower. 

Also I'm changing the stringer configuration. The originals were wood laminated in with CSM(Chopped Strand Mat) laid out diagonally to the centerline of the boat. I've changed to longitudinal(front to back) stingers made with foam forms but the strength is from Stitched Biaxial-1708 fiberglass tape. I've used for my glassing supplies for several years but I have no financial ties to them, just a happy customer. 

My nice Nikon S6200 died after only 4 years so I used my 8 year old Kodak C613 which for the time had great high res(not)  VGA mode.  So here is a low res walk about the boat update. 

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