Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New camera is pretty good. But the Crazing is awful.

I received my new to me, i.e. refurbished, Nikon S6800 today and had a little time to see how it worked. First it takes great macro pictures. This pic shows the extensive crazing on the topsides of the Luger. Every square inch of the topsides and transom are crazed like this but not the bottom or deck. I can only guess the parts were manufactured on either a Monday or Friday. Traditionally these days for car builds were bad due to workers being either hungover or distracted looking forward to the weekend. Well except for cars built between about 1973 and the late 1980s, they where all pretty much junk. I suppose this applies to many manufacturing industries. I don't think Luger would have been skimping on resin or gelcoat on a kit boat built in 1969, prior to the Arab oil embargo. 

Then I tried a short video mainly to check the microphone. On the S6200 they were located on the top, on this one they are located on the front. Seems to work fine and the zoom is nice and smooth. 
The stringers aren't glassed in. :( Turned out I had much less of the 6inch wide tape then I thought. It'll be a few weeks to get back to the boat though due to travel and house projects. Gotta knock out some house chores to keep my wonderful wife happy. But really I have nothing to complain about since she is super supportive of my addiction. :) 

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